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Choosing A OPTIMIST spar set

The majority of Optimist sailors will achieve a better performance from using stiffer spars. A stiff spar will allow the sailor to trim the sail without  spar distortion, giving the sailor more control over the shape of their sail. Only exceptions to using stiff spars are very light sailors. Less than 32 kilos.

Although a stiff mast is important, a bendy boom can help lighter sailors control the boat in heavy winds. A boom that flexes more can help de-power the sail by allowing the outboard end to bend in the gusts, opening the leach and de-powering the sail. Manufactures  like Blackgold and Selden make spar sets available with  different diameter booms for different conditions and styles of sailing. The club spar set comes with a 32 mm boom because most beginning sailors are also lightweight.




Optiparts is the worlds leading Optimist spar maker since 1990  The BLACKGOLD RIG is the world's most advanced Optimist rig. For many years it has been chosen as the official charter rig for the I.O.D.A World, European, American, Asian and Oceanian Championships.Several outstanding results have been achieved in the past years. Besides optimist racing spars they also supply a full range of club and sailing-school spars. he Ø 45 x 2.2 mm mast and Ø 27 x 1.5 mm sprit are made of the highest grade aluminium available. (7075 T6 Aerospace spec. alloy)

The super stiff BLACK GOLD mast and sprit can be used with a choice of booms :The 32 mm BLACKLITE boom A bendy boom, which comes with a bridle, will flatten and depower the sail which enables the lightweight sailor to go faster in more wind. The 40 mm BLACKGOLD boom, A stiff and lightweight boom, which comes with a bridle and suitable for the majority of sailors.The 55 mm BLACKMAX boom The ultra stiff (and yet lightweight) boom can be used without a bridle. This enables the larger sailor to jump across the boat and not too far aft while tacking.






Purchase our seldon mast and spars for your Optimist boats direct from Typhoon sailboats. selden 2 20130328_114058